About Me

My name is Chase and I am the creator of firefighterinsider.com. I started this site as a way to share my knowledge about the fire service and to help those who are working to become a firefighter.

So, why should you listen to what I have to say?

While working as a professional firefighter and paramedic since 2012, I have gained an inside look into the American fire service. I am currently a Driver/Engineer-Paramedic (the firefighter who drives the engine and pumps water) with a 10 station Metropolitan Fire Department in Northern California.

Along with my years of experience running thousands of emergency calls and in the firehouse, I have over 2000 hours of specialty training and certifications in the following classes:

I also have experience as:

  • An EMT Instructor (Emergency Medical Technician)
  • A CPR Instructor (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation)
  • An ACLS Instructor (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)
  • A PALS Instructor (Pediatric Advanced Life Support)
  • A Fire Academy Assistant Instructor
  • A member of the firefighter recruitment team for my department

The fire service is very dynamic and it can vary widely from one area to the next.

The equipment, protocols, procedures, training, and types of emergency calls can be vastly different depending on where you are. I don’t claim to be an expert on firefighting around the world, I just speak from my personal experience and research.

When I’m not at the firehouse, I enjoy spending my free time at home with my wife and daughter, strength training, playing the drums, and spending time outdoors.

I appreciate you taking the time to look at my site! Whether you just have a curiosity about a particular aspect of the fire service or you are actively striving to join the ranks of firefighters in your area; I hope that I can answer some of your questions and provide you with valuable, helpful information.

If you have any further questions or feedback for me, contact me at [email protected] or here.

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